Pressure Washing & Stain Removal

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Pressure Washing

If your pool looks dingy then having it professionally cleaned can restore it to its original brilliance. Pools can get stained from algae blooms, high total dissolved solids, and if they’re left sitting too long without service. This can result in green or yellow stains throughout the plaster and cause your pool to look bad even with perfectly clear water. 

With a pressure & chlorine wash, we drain your pool to remove the water. Then we use concentrated chlorine to kill all algae and lighten stains. We brush the entire pool and then wash it to expose the natural color of your pool. This is an amazingly effective way to restore your swimming pool to its full brilliance. 

Once your pool has been cleaned, we refill it with clean water and add all of the starter chemicals to ensure you’re pool doesn’t turn green.

We do not recommend you perform this process on your own. The chemicals used are very corrosive and can be dangerous if not handled properly. Our pool cleaners have the proper training, safety gear, and know-how to handle these chemicals. They’re very aware of the necessary precautions and take the steps to protect themselves and the environment. 

You don’t need to deep clean your pool every year. However, if you notice it’s yellowing or if it’s been without service for an extended period of time and allowed to turn green, give us a call. We’ll make your pool look significantly brighter and more inviting to your friends and family. Call us for a free quote.


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