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Pool Service Stockton specializes in servicing residential and commercial pools of all shapes and sizes throughout San Joaquin County and the surrounding areas. Below we cover the most frequently asked questions so keep reading to learn more about how we properly take care of your pool. 

What Chemicals Do You Use? 

We use the same chemicals that you’re already familiar with. Ensuring your pool is sanitary and clear doesn’t require complicated chemicals but it does demand that the chemicals be potent and takes a little science. 

We use only the best, premium, and professional-grade chemicals to treat your pool each week. These chemicals can’t be purchased from your local supply store. Your pool service tech makes sure to test your water every week and then add the right chemicals in the proper proportions to keep your pool in perfect condition all year. 

By testing your pool each week and adding the proper chemicals, we’re able to keep algae from blooming and ensure your pool is always swim-ready.


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Do You Offer Pool Conditioning?

Yes. We condition your water once a year to help extend the life of your chlorine and keep your pool chemistry stable. This is a separate charge from your regular pool maintenance and is required. Water conditioning helps to protect your chlorine from the harmful UV light that breaks it down. Without a conditioner, you need a ton of chlorine in your water which makes it a less hospitable swimming environment. And we’re guessing that you don’t want to feel like you’ve just taken a chlorine bath every time you swim. 

What’s Included In Your Pool Service? 

We offer two pool service packages. The first is chemical only which is exactly as it sounds. We perform a weekly visit where we test your water and balance your chemicals. This means we’ll add chlorine, balance pH, etc. to ensure your pool water stays clear and balanced. However, this doesn’t include cleaning leaves, brushing the sides, cleaning filters, etc. With chemical only, the homeowner has to spend time each week maintaining their pool as well. 

You might be wondering why you would do chemical only. Once you factor in the cost of purchasing the chemicals at retail cost, storing the chemicals at your house, spending your time getting the chemicals, spending time cleaning, and the potential risks of dealing with the chemicals, you realize that you’re actually losing money by doing it yourself. Most homeowners don’t want to deal with all of that hassle just to lose money every month so they hire us. However, we recommend full-service for most people.

Our full-service package includes everything your pool needs so you never have to think about it again. We do all of the chemical work to keep your pool balanced but we go above and beyond that in a big way. We skim the leaves, clean the leaves out of your pool sweep and basket, we brush the sides and steps, we monitor your equipment, and we clean your pool filter several times a year (normally an additional fee). 

With full-service, you don’t have to spend your time or mental energy worrying about your pool turning green, monitoring your equipment, or cleaning your filter. The majority of our clients prefer full service for the peace it brings them knowing they don’t have to do anything with their pool except have a glass of wine next to it.

Your Role In Maintaining Your Swimming Pool

Since we aren’t there every day, we can’t do everything. I know, I wish we could too. During the week, leaves from nearby trees and grass from the lawn guy can get into your pool. If this happens, and it will, you may need to go outside and give the pool a quick once over with the net to skim the surface. 

Removing Pool Covers & Providing Access

As the homeowner, we ask that you provide a clear access path to your swimming pool. If the gate is locked, there are items in the way, etc. please remove the blocks and provide a key or access code so your tech can easily access your pool. 

Additionally, if you have a pool cover, please remove it before your tech comes to service your pool. If the cover isn’t removed, the pool tech will put it halfway back to add chemicals and perform service. But we are not responsible for damage or maintaining your pool cover. 

At Pool Service Stockton, we always go above and beyond to ensure your pool is well maintained and properly cared for. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote.

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